Vikki Heard Court of Protection Manager

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Vikki manages the Court of Protection Team in Portsmouth which also provides advice to clients across Blake Morgan's other offices.

Main areas of practice

Vikki specialises in advising on the management of personal injury/clinical negligence awards through the Court of Protection.  This involves appointing Professional Deputies, working closely with professional teams to ensure the family has support, purchasing a property and arranging adaptations, arranging investment of the award, setting up a care team, appointing a case manager ,payment of equipment, therapies, activities, checking benefits, preparation of a Statutory Will and dealing with the families on a day to day basis.


Vikki works with clients who have suffered brain injury, cerebral palsy and dementia.  Vikki's clients range from young children, young adults through to the elderly.

Significant experience

As well as dealing with the management of large awards through the Court of Protection, Vikki also deals with applications for Lay Deputies wishing to be appointed for a friend or relative including acting for Attorneys for elderly clients to assist with their affairs.

Vikki works closely with the personal injury and clinical negligence teams to give support.

Vikki has worked with the firm since 1989 and finds Court of Protection work extremely rewarding and some of Vikki's clients have been with her for many years.


Vikki’s Blog

Court of Protection – Lost capacity what can this mean?

Blake Morgan is proud to support Dementia Awareness Week (20-26 May 2019) and provide expert guidance during a difficult time for you and your family.

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