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I found John White and his team to be professional and courteous at all times. They always kept me in touch with all aspects of my case, taking the time to explain all the procedures involved.

Miss Parry Dorset

Doctor and Solicitor Advocate John White leads the “outstanding” (Legal 500) Clinical Negligence team.

Main areas of practice

John specialises in clinical negligence, in particular, cerebral palsy, brain injury, catastrophic injury, as well as orthopaedics, surgical, accident and emergency medicine and fatal cases.

John has a particular interest in quantum work and enjoys dealing with the law on damages on the large complex catastrophic injury claims and has delivered in-house seminars on this as well as other aspects of clinical negligence.

An experienced and skilled advocate, John undertakes the full range of interlocutory hearings, inquests and settlement approval hearings. John has higher rights of audience enabling him to appear in the High Court and Court of Appeal. He leads the Advocacy group within the firm.


John acts for a wide variety of clients, including children and adults who have been injured due to medial negligence. He also acts for clients who have a representative capacity, such as parents in cases involving injured children, family members in fatal cases and clients who have suffered brain damage and are unable to manage their own affairs.
John has an excellent track record of successfully bringing high value, complex clinical negligence cases on behalf of his clients. Many of his cases are very sensitive, requiring skilful client handling.




Following a career as a doctor in the NHS, John qualified as a solicitor in September 1999. He joined Blake Lapthorn in October 2006. John has Higher Rights of Audience for civil cases.

Contact details

020 7814 5449

  • Law Society Clinical Negligence Panel
  • AvMA Clinical Negligence Panel
  • Higher Rights of Audience, Solicitor Advocate (Higher Courts Civil Proceedings)
  • Solicitors Association of Higher Court Advocates (SAHCA)
  • Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL): Senior Litigator status
  • Action for Victims of Medical Accidents (AvMA)
  • Royal College of Physicians (MRCP (UK))
  • Registered with General Medical Council (GMC)
  • Society of Doctors in Law (SODIL)

Significant Experience

  • In April 2019, John obtained damages of £14M (lump sum plus annual payments) for a child suffering from cerebral palsy whose mother had diabetes, which was incorrectly managed during pregnancy that led to the child sustaining birth injury
  • In March 2019, John obtained £120,000 for a client who had suffered from delay in diagnosis of her condition of congenital dislocation of the hip, when she was a child
  • In January 2019, John obtained £250,000 for the widow whose husband suffered from delay in diagnosis of his condition of lung cancer, which led to his death
  • In December 2018, John obtained £6M for a client who suffered from delay in diagnosis of meningitis as a child, which led to brain damage causing intellectual deficits and also left below knee amputation
  • In July 2018, John obtained £1.1M for a client who suffered from delay in diagnosis of compartment syndrome, which caused pressure on the nerves in her left leg and muscle damage, resulting in chronic pain
  • In November 2017, John obtained £22.5M, one of the very largest awards, for a child who suffered from cerebral palsy because of delay in transferring her mother to hospital, which led to the baby suffering oxygen starvation and sustaining birth injury and severe disabilities
  • In autumn 2008, John brought one of the largest ever cerebral palsy cases, at that time, to trial in the High Court, obtaining damages of over £9.3M for a child who sustained severe brain damage after failures in treatment following his premature birth when he was being ventilated on the special care baby unit in hospital, which caused cerebral palsy with very severe disabilities
  • In 2007/2008, John brought the leading clinical negligence case of Bailey v MOD to trial in the High Court (2007) and in the Court of Appeal (2008), obtaining damages of £3.45M for an adult who sustained severe brain damage, resulting from failures in care whilst undergoing investigations and treatment for her condition of gallstones
  • Obtained £200,000 in compensation, for a client who suffered partial femoral nerve injury, sustained during an injection in to her left hip joint as part of an investigative procedure
  • Obtained £200,000 in compensation for a delay in diagnosis of fracture of the scaphoid bone of the wrist
  • Achieved an award of £325,000 in compensation for a delay in diagnosis of breast cancer which resulted in death (Adshead v Tottle (2007)), in this case that John took to trial in the High Court in Winchester and won
  • Successfully represented the client and won at trial in this case of misdiagnosis of spinal tumour as a child which led to incorrect neurosurgical treatment and paraplegia (Ryan v East London and City Health Authority (2001))
  • Brought this claim to trial and won in the High Court for costs of care by mother following birth of handicapped child (Hardman v Amin (2000)), being the category of case known as wrongful birth
  • In 2009, John conducted the Gosport War Memorial Hospital inquest, one of the largest medical inquests ever, acting on behalf of five families
  • John has personally conducted the advocacy in over 35 inquest hearings for families

Additional Expertise

John’s advocacy practice is growing. In addition to his significant expertise in inquest advocacy, he regularly deals with interlocutory hearings of applications, case management hearings and settlement approval hearings. His approach to advocacy is unparalleled.

A complete expert, with a vast knowledge base.

Chambers UK A Client's Guide to the Legal Profession, 2014

John White attracts praise for his ‘instinct for identifying and exploiting the weaknesses in the other side’s case’

The Legal 500 UK 2016

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