Krystal Whyment

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Krystal is a Barrister in the Professional Regulatory team. She has a wide range of experience in regulatory matters, acting both for the professional and the regulator.


Krystal’s portfolio includes acting on all stages of regulatory proceedings (investigations, interim applications, substantive hearings, reviews and revalidations) for both parties.
Krystal has experience of acting on behalf of a number of healthcare regulators (the NMC, GDC, GOC, HCPC, GPhC, GOsC to name a few) in investigating and presenting cases before the relevant fitness to practise committees (IO/IOR/Substantive/Revalidation/SOR).

Krystal also has extensive experience acting on behalf of healthcare professionals (doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths, counsellors, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, social workers, biomedical scientists) against investigation by their regulator.

Her expertise spans allegations of misconduct (including medication errors, record-keeping, violence, fraud and sexual offences), convictions, lack of competence and, concerns regarding a registrant’s health.

In addition, Krystal also has experience of acting on behalf of teachers, police officers, accountants, solicitors and barristers.



Krystal graduated from the University of Kent in 2007 before attending the BPP School of Law, London. Krystal was called to the Bar in 2008 and carried out pupillage with 5 St Andrews Hill Chambers. Since 2010, following secondment to the NMC, Krystal developed a passion for regulatory law and has since made it her specialist area.

Krystal speaks conversational Greek.

Contact details

0207 814 6853

Significant Experience

  • Acting on behalf of the NMC in one of its longest and most complicated cases. The facts of the case were that a mental health nurse was removed from the register for setting up a substance abuse rehabilitation clinic without registration, charging (often high profile patients) in excess of £5,000 per week. The clinic was so poorly run that it was described as "third world" by a judge due to the serious risk to life it posed.
  • Acting on behalf of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in defending an allegation that submitted examination papers of one candidate had been tampered with due to their claim that the college had discriminated against her on the grounds of race and religion.
  • Acting on behalf of the GDC in defending a judicial review challenge by a member of the public who was disputing the decision made by the GDC not to pursue allegations which had been made to them about a dentist.

Additional Expertise

Krystal has experience in appeals, abuse of process applications and judicial review challenges (in a regulatory setting).

Krystal has experience in criminal law (primarily defence work) and has acted on behalf of healthcare professionals who have both criminal and regulatory investigations running concurrently with one another.

In those circumstances, the regulator will often seek to impose an interim order restricting or preventing the professional to practice until the outcome of the criminal proceedings.
Following the criminal proceedings, even in circumstances when the professional has been acquitted of all charges, the regulator may pursue its own proceedings due to the lower standard of proof required.

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