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Posted by Jim Wood, 24th January 2020
Our personal injury lawyers will go the extra mile for you. If you think that no one is listening or willing to help you, get in touch with our experts to see what we can do for you.

Alex* had an accident at work in January 2016 and had contacted other personal injury lawyers before being recommended Blake Morgan Injury Group, and Jim Wood took on his case.

“I had an accident at work,” said Alex. “I spoke to a few solicitors who didn’t want to take it on because it was for an international company. There was more paperwork rather than it being simple. I was recommended Jim and Blake Morgan.

“Jim dealt with it perfectly the whole time.”

Alex was working on a vessel which was in a dock at IJmuiden Port in Amsterdam where there was torrential rain at the time. Due to the weather and being in dock, the vessel was manned down, Alex was required to load the gangway and place it on top of two containers on deck. He managed to find assistance from a technician to help control loading the gangway using ropes to stabilise it.

However, rainwater had collected on the gangway and he slipped and injured his left ankle. Alex suffered a ligament injury to the left ankle, causing pain and restriction of movement. He underwent keyhole surgery to remove damaged tissue and bone in March 2017, followed by a number of courses of physiotherapy meaning a lengthy absence from work, which was when he contacted personal injury lawyers to help.

Proceedings were issued after a thorough investigation into the incident and the claim settled just prior to a hearing in the sum of £55,000. Alex has since been able to return to work but the settlement proved vital in order to pay the bills.

“It worked out better than I thought,” remarked Alex. “Jim took it running and put the hard work in, we got a settlement just before it was going to go to court.

“With the knock-on effect of the injury and my enforced time off, there were a lot of bills to pay.

“Jim dealt with it fairly as I have had an offer to go back to the company, which just shows what a good, fair job Jim did.”

If you have suffered an injury at work, contact our personal injury lawyers for specialist advice and support.

* Names have been changed in this article to protect client confidentiality.

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