Personal Injury team help client recover from shopping accident

Posted by Jim Wood, 1st June 2018


When Mrs Y experienced a fall whilst shopping, hitting her head on a display table, she felt that no-one was taking her concerns or her injury seriously.

The fall left her with nasty facial injuries that required hospital treatment and she was left with permanent scarring as a result. “It was a really stressful time and I thought that I was going mad and even started to lose my confidence and question myself as no one wanted to acknowledge what had happened” she recalls.

With the help of Blake Morgan personal injury lawyer, James Wood, she was able to make sense of the situation, ensure that the liability was taken and hopefully help prevent the same accident from happening to another person.

“At first I felt like no one was listening to me” she said “But the team at Blake Morgan helped give me a voice and made sure that I was heard.” This was a complex case but James and the team helped to simplify the process , guiding Mrs Y through each stage until a successful outcome was reached.

She continues, “James was very kind and patient explaining the process to me in detail but without confusing legal jargon. It put my mind at rest to know that action was finally being taken.”  The Blake Morgan team worked directly with insurers and all third parties until a settlement was reached for their client.

“When the settlement came through I had a huge sense of relief that I could now put this behind me and focus on the future. I’d like to thank James and the team for their kindness and compassion through what was a really difficult time for me and my family.”