Blake Morgan announces new Smart Working policy

Posted on 17th September 2021

Blake Morgan has announced details of its new Smart Working Policy – empowering people to benefit from different ways of working, flexibility and autonomy, encouraging greater collaboration, productivity and efficiency across the firm.

The new policy enables greater flexibility to work between the office and home, with the majority of people expected to spend two or three days working from one of the firm’s five offices in an average working week. By adopting this new policy, individuals will have the opportunity to reduce travel time and improve their work-life balance, while also continuing to promote greater collaboration and connection, two key drivers of the firm’s high quality service offering.

The transition to smart working is also a further boost to support the firm’s growing sustainability credentials, with new working arrangements set to bring forward a dramatic reduction in paper usage and other waste.

As part of the new policy, Blake Morgan’s offices will remain important hubs for everyone at the firm and continue to be places where staff can:

  • Meet and collaborate with clients and colleagues alike
  • Come together to reinforce the firm’s sense of connection, culture and shared values
  • Access expertise and resources and both individual and shared learning experiences
  • Participate in social activities and firm, team or client events
  • Share ideas and suggestion for innovation and future services
  • Find and offer support

Liz Bryne, HR and Development Director at Blake Morgan, said:

As we all know too well, Covid-19 has accelerated the need to find flexibility in the ways we work. It has also given us an opportunity to explore how we might apply some of these principles more permanently to how we work past the pandemic, for the benefit of our colleagues and our clients. New technology, changing client and employee expectations, and a changing business environment means that law firms need to adapt and transform their working practices. Having carefully studied much of the debate surrounding the future of work and listened carefully to a wide range of views provided by our employees, we’re very pleased to present our new smart working policy.

She added: “Like many other firms, Blake Morgan is embracing these changes by promoting the adoption of different ways of working – approaches that encourage collaboration, productivity and a positive work experience. This new policy aims to increase both personal and business efficiency, allowing us to continue to deliver the best and most effective solutions possible for our clients, while also responding to our employees’ needs. It’s an evolving process, so we will continue to listen, learn and make changes as needed. This will also mean we can eventually settle on the approach that works best in the long-term for our firm, our clients, and for us all as individuals.”


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