Providing support to those affected by exposure to Asbestos

Posted by Julia Prior, 27th July 2016


It is always a victory tinged with great sadness when I settle claims on behalf of families bereaved through asbestos related disease.

The most deadly of the asbestos related disease – mesothelioma – is still far too commonplace in the world of Personal Injury claims. The symptoms and prognosis for this disease are very similar to those of lung cancer. Once diagnosed, the prognosis is generally very poor with sadly a short life expectancy for the patient. Whilst there is a shorter Court process in place for these claims, the sufferer often dies before the claim can be settled and so it can be the family and not the sufferer themselves who receives the compensation.

I have recently settled cases for £115,000 and £75,000 and whilst the claims I bring provide the family with welcome financial support – of course what they would really wish for above all else would be for their loved one to still be with them. It does however give those left behind some compensation for the pain and suffering of their loved one, as well as compensation for the loss of income, such as their earnings or pension.

The saddest thing is that these claims should not exist – the risk of exposure to asbestos has been well known in the industry for many decades now. It is dreadful to still hear stories of workers being put at risk by being exposed to asbestos at work. Just breathing in one single asbestos fibre can cause this horrific disease and prove fatal.

Our specialist personal injury team have a wealth of experience handling asbestos claims, please contact us if you or a family member have been affected by exposure to asbestos and we can advise you if you have a claim and support you and your family throughout the process.

I look forward to the day when I can say that there will be no more claims like these for me to deal with!