Ski-Safe! Ensuring your travel insurance covers you

Posted by Daniel Scognamiglio, 1st December 2016
Before anyone heads off to the slopes, it is vitally important to ensure that you are fit, healthy, have the right kit and have good travel insurance.

Whilst some treatment is provided in the European Union under the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), that will not repatriate you to the UK or cover the cost of treatment at private hospitals. Not all treatment is available to British holidaymakers in the European Union in Public Hospitals. The EHIC does not cover the cost of any treatment outside of Europe, making travel insurance even more important when travelling outside Europe – particularly in the USA and Canada.

Travel insurance very often includes exclusions. Some of the most common exclusions are for any ski related cover or for trips to the USA or Canada or for off-piste skiing. Often an extra premium is payable to the insurer to provide adequate ski cover.

There have been 58 British deaths reported to the Foreign and Commonwealth office in the last 4 years as a result of skiing or snowboarding. About a third of British skiers travel with inadequate travel insurance. If your insurance policy does not cover you, the travel insurer will not meet the cost of treatment or in a fatal accident, repatriate your body. That cost will fall to your family. The likely cost for the repatriation alone is £10,000 to £30,000. If you are injured and need to meet the cost of private treatment, that cost can be several times more depending on the severity of the injury.

Accident happens. Once injured it is too late to purchase travel insurance. It is really important to have adequate cover before you set off to cover all of the winter sports activities that you are planning to do.

Stay healthy and safe abroad.

Here is a really helpful article from the Foreign and Commonwealth office as part of the Travel Aware campaign.

Click here for the article about winter sports and travel insurance.

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