Trainee seat in Litigation – Natalie Starr

I am in my first seat in the Property Litigation team. As a trainee, I have mainly worked on possession claims and service charge disputes.

However I have also assisted in larger property litigation cases, such as lease renewal and boundary disputes, and have been involved in some more commercial cases such as building works disputes.

I work for all levels of the team, from solicitors through to partners. The work I do includes corresponding with clients and other parties in a case, drafting a variety of documents, including claim forms, witness statements and court forms, attending court and researching points of law and procedure.

One of the most exciting aspects of working in any litigation team is attending court and seeing first-hand how the advocates put their cases across and how the judge makes his decision. With property litigation in particular, the points of law can often be very technical and an entire case can turn on the wording of a particular statute or lease clause.

I have also enjoyed carrying out tasks which help the progression of a case. For instance, advising clients on possible next steps and ways to resolve their case, as well as drafting documents such as witness statements which set out the client's claim.

Overall, working in a litigation team has been an excellent experience; not only is contentious law incredibly interesting in its own right, but it also changes how you approach transaction tasks such as drafting contracts, meaning you are more aware of potential risks to your clients and how you can best protect their interests.