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Buyers beware - the financial cost of losing track of just one thread in a transaction can be high

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A major housebuilder has fallen victim to an unfortunate lack of concentration when acquiring a development site in Wales, with expensive consequences, and its loss provides a stark warning to others to make sure that they dot every "i" and cross every "t" when doing their due diligence and entering into the documents on a transaction, the essence of which was the acquisition by BDW Trading of a brownfield site from a county council with the intention of carrying out a substantial residential development. More …

Canary Wharf : Shopping Underground at Jubilee Place Mall

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Discover how we have assisted Canary Wharf Group in the development of Jubilee Place Mall which opened in November 2013. More …

Igloo Regeneration (General Partner) Limited

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We have advised on a public walkway infrastructure forming part of a major regeneration scheme. More …