Family Mediation case study

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A couple had been married for approximately 10 years and they had two children. They both agreed that their relationship had broken down and they wanted to agree a settlement so that they could divide their matrimonial finances. They required assistance in reaching an agreement to deal with their respective assets and liabilities, the treatment of the family home and the parties' pension provision. They were agreed on how to treat their incomes and the child maintenance was being paid according to the CSA formula.

During the process the parties gathered together financial disclosure and this was revised at mediation, where the mediator facilitated an agreement. By discussing matters together, it was possible to reach a cost effective and amicable solution that was palatable to both parties. Other issues which were a concern to the parties could also be addressed, such as the treatment of certain important chattels such as car, which might have been disproportionate to pursue in solicitors' correspondence.

The parties were able to reach settlement in a constructive and cost effective way, keeping their relationship amicable.