A3 motorway speeding case at Fareham Magistrates' Court

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Our client was facing a summons to Fareham Magistrates' Court alleging one count of speeding. The prosecution had been brought by Hampshire Constabulary and related to a speeding incident on the A3(M) where the recorded speed confirmed by VASCAR was 109 mph over a distance of 0.262 of a mile.

Our client was in significant jeopardy of receiving a driving disqualification from the court.  The case was taken by the head of the Motoring Offences team, Tim Williamson.

Tim advised our client to consider attending a Road Risk and Behaviour Training Course which focused on speeding offending. Tim also advised obtaining a reference from her employer emphasising the importance of a driving licence to her ability to perform her work.

Our client duly attended the course. The course provider noted that her observations skills increased markedly during the day’s course and was noted to perform safe and competent drives in town, rural roads, dual carriageways and on motorways. The report from the course provider concluded that our client was at low risk of reoffending in the future.

Our client was represented by Barry Culshaw, a consultant with the Motoring Offences team, when the matter came before the Fareham Justices. The Justices having heard detailed representations from Barry in mitigation imposed the following sentence. Six penalty points were endorsed on her driving licence, a fine of £300 was imposed and a contribution to prosecution costs of £60 was ordered. The court expressly avoided imposing a period of disqualification and commented that the court was impressed with the quality of the representations made on behalf of our client and further took into consider her motivation in having her driving voluntarily assessed by a course provider focusing on speed offending.

A was therefore able to keep her driving licence. The loss of same would have had a significant impact on both her social and business life.

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