GDC v Florescu, Sebastian

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Dentist suspended for 6 months for viewing inappropriate images on his computer at work.

On 15 April 2013 the Professional Conduct Committee of the GDC considered allegations against Sebastian Florescu that he had viewed still images of semi-clothed and naked women on his computer at the dental surgery where he worked and that these images were, on occasion, viewed in the presence of 2 female members of his dental team. It was also alleged that he had asked the dental nurses for their opinion on the images.

Mr Florescu received a six month suspension order pursuant to Section 27B (6)(B) of the Dentists Act 1984.

Mr Florescu, a locum dentist, working at the Moreland Road Dental Practice in Weston Super Mare, viewed still images of semi-naked and naked women on his computer and on occasion had viewed these images in the presence of two female dental nurses whom he asked to give an opinion on the images. Mr Florescu was not present at the Committee hearing but submitted a Defence maintaining that the semi-clothed women he had viewed were about a band called the ‘Cheeky Girls’ His defence also stated  “I did not know that this is completely forbidden inside the surgery and nobody made me aware about this”. 

Mr Florescu maintained that he had received spam messages and had opened these unaware of their content but he admitted he had joked with the dental nurses and asked them what they thought about the images.  The two dental nurses, who gave evidence at the Committee hearing, said that the images viewed by Mr Florescu on the surgery computer included semi-naked and naked women in ‘full frontal and sexual poses’.  Mr Florescu admitted that he had viewed the images and had asked the dental nurses for their opinion about them. 

The Committee found that Mr Florescu’s conduct was serious and unacceptable noting that he had placed dental colleagues in an uncomfortable and embarrassing situation.  The Committee concluded that Mr Florescu’s conduct had breached paragraph 6.3 of the GDC’s Standards for Dental Professionals (May 2005) which states:

‘Maintain appropriate standards of personal behaviour in all walks of life so that patients had confidence in you and the public have confidence in the dental profession’.

The Committee also confirmed that Mr Florescu had not adduced any evidence to demonstrate insight into the seriousness of his conduct.  In considering an appropriate sanction against Mr Florescu’s registration, the Committee concluded that Mr Florescu’s conduct was serious and caused his dental colleagues distress in the workplace and needed to be marked with a sanction of suspension of registration for a period of 6 months.