Not guilty – Client accused of permitting the use of a vehicle without insurance and speeding

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Blake Morgan's Motoring Offences team advised Mr S who had been summoned to the Magistrates Court accused of 'speeding' and 'permitting the use of a vehicle without insurance'. 

The client denied that he had been driving the vehicle at the time and maintained that he was not even the keeper of the vehicle at the material time and so could not have given permission for the person (or anyone else) to drive the vehicle. 

The case was brought by the Crown Prosecution Service ("CPS").  Many elements of the CPS' case could be agreed: the driver did not have insurance and the vehicle was being driven at the speed alleged.

The case turned on Mr S's evidence. Mr S was represented by Tim Williamson from the Motoring Offences team. After a trial in the Magistrates Court the client was found not guilty on both charges.  His clean UK driving licence remains intact.

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