Welsh Government - Employment Law

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We are the lead employment advisers to the Welsh Government and Welsh Ministers.  We have been involved in advising on a whole range of matters, including drafting amendment legislation. 

Our advice includes:

• High level strategic matters (often of considerable sensitivity), reflecting the consequences of the current economic climate for public spending. 
• A range of other issues, including in relation to a voluntary early release scheme and re-organisations, implementing changes to the terms and conditions of a substantial proportion of the workforce and complex disciplinary and grievance cases.
• Successfully defending the Welsh Ministers in over 50 Employment Tribunal cases and provided advice to the Welsh Ministers in over 500 cases.
• Complex employment advice in relation to Welsh Government’s outsourcing of its IT services including TUPE advice and drafting the appropriate employment/TUPE provisions of the service contract.
• Formation of the National Procurement Service for Wales which was launched in November 2013 to provide a services to seventy public bodies in relation to the purchase of goods and services.
• Employment issues arising from the formation of the Welsh Language Tribunal.
• A programme of on-going employment law training to the Welsh Government on topical employment issues.