Brexit could leave businesses more open to cyberattacks

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Brexit could leave businesses more open to cyberattacks
Justin Harrington, a partner at national law firm Blake Morgan specialising in technology, said:

"It will be vital for UK businesses to ensure that our security levels are consistent with European cybersecurity measures - the Network and Information Security Directive (NISD) and the reworked EU privacy regime, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

"Co-operation with other countries is crucial in the fight against cybercrime and we simply can't afford not to co-operate with regard to security with our European and worldwide partners.

"State-sponsored hacking is a major threat that can't be ignored. The Chinese Republican Army has decided to hack Western businesses and we have seen Russian hackers infiltrating the US during the presidential campaign. We need to take a united stance with other countries to combat this highly professional and sophisticated type of cybercrime.

“The other big implication of Brexit is the impact on recruitment of cyber security experts. There is a global demand for trained professionals and we need to ensure that leaving the EU doesn't leave us with a skills shortage that would be catastrophic to the security of UK businesses."