Public Procurement Litigation

Energy Solutions is entitled to recover damages from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

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In this case the NDA's failed to award Energy Solutions a contract despite them being the most economically advantageous tenderer. The High Court has delivered a judgment that they are entitled to damages from the NDA. More …

Public procurement gone wrong: High Court finds public authority "manipulated" the tender process for its £4 billion contract

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In a landmark ruling in the context of procurement litigation, the High Court has held that the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority ("NDA") "manipulated" and "fudged" its tender process for a nuclear clean up contract worth in excess of £4 billion. The finding may cost the government millions. More …

To challenge or to review – that is the question

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The High Court recently had to consider the above question in the case of Newlyn PLC and London Borough of Waltham Forest which related to a procurement challenge brought by Newlyn PLC (Newlyn) against London Borough of Waltham Forest (LBWF). More …