Changes to Right to Buy in Chichester, Malvern Hills, Shropshire and Wychavon

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The Housing (Right to Buy) (Designated Rural Areas and Designated Regions) (England) Order 2016 comes into force on 20th June 2016. 

Secure tenants have the right to buy a freehold or long leasehold interest in their homes at a discount, depending on the nature of the property and the landlord's interest in it (Part 5 of the Housing Act 1985).

Landlords selling houses and flats to tenants may impose conditions restricting resale by the purchaser where the property is in a designated rural area (Section 157 of the Housing Act 1985).

The two permissible restrictions that may be imposed are:

  • require that the Landlord's written consent is obtained before a relevant disposal is made; or
  • require people who have bought their homes under the right to buy and wish to dispose of it within ten years of their original purchase to first offer it back to their former landlord for purchase at full market value.

This Order designates parts of Chichester, Malvern Hills, Shropshire and Wychavon for these purposes.

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