Police crack down on drivers using a mobile

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Police crack down on drivers using a mobile
Police officers across England, Wales and Northern Ireland have caught almost 8,000 drivers using a mobile phone in a recent week-long crackdown.  

The campaign in November 2016 saw officers issue more than 40 fines an hour to those caught. Previous crackdowns saw 2,690 fines issued in May 2015, 2,276 in September 2015 and 2,323 in May 2016.

Tim Williamson, Senior Associate, agrees: "These figures are extraordinary.  The message is plainly not getting through to motorists and we agree that a cultural change is required as happened with drink driving.  In our view a holistic approach should be followed, with any tough new penalties accompanied by better education for motorists."

Blake Morgan wishes to reminded drivers that from 1 March 2017, drivers caught using their mobile phones whist behind the wheel will receive six penalty points and a £200.00 fine – doubling the existing sanction available. 

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