Liverpool late night levy deadline approaches

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Liverpool Late Night Levy Deadline approaches
Liverpool licensees will be aware by now that a late night levy comes into force on 1st April 2017. If your premises licence authorises the sale of alcohol any time between midnight and 6.00 am you may be liable to pay up to £4440 a year (depending on rateable value)  on top of your current annual licensing fee.

The levy will apply if your licence authorises alcohol sales after midnight, whether or not you actually open that late.

The only exemptions are:

  1. If your licence authorises the supply of alcohol for consumption on the premises between midnight and 6.00am only on New Year's Day;
  2. If the ratepayer already pays a BID levy to reduce crime and disorder between midnight and 6.00 am

Avoid being caught by the levy by applying for a minor variation to reduce your alcohol hours by the 31st January cut off date. If the variation has not been approved before 1st April the whole amount for 2017/8 will be payable. You should already have received a letter from the licensing authority explaining what to do, but contact them as soon as possible if in any doubt.

If you have any questions about the levy please contact our Licensing team here