New Procurement Strategy for the NHS, England

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Under the banner “Better Procurement, Better Value, Better Care: A Procurement Development Programme for the NHS”, the Department of Health has launched a new procurement strategy for the NHS. 

Billed as a “radical new blueprint” for how the NHS buys everything “from rubber gloves and stitches to new hips..”, the strategy is intended to address procurement inefficiencies and drive savings across the NHS.  Specific actions which have been identified include:

• the appointment of a new procurement champion from the private sector whose brief will be to improve procurement practices across the NHS;
• mandating hospitals to publish what they spend on goods and services and setting up a price index.  The aim is to encourage transparency on spending;
• enabling the NHS to work more closely with SME’s including adopting Lord Young’s recommendations on the simplification of PQQ’s; and
• providing support for senior NHS employees to better understand procurement and procurement strategies.

More detail on these ideas will no doubt follow in the near future.

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