The Queen's Speech sets out direction for changing schools landscape

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For those working in the education sector, the State Opening of Parliament today put an end to months of speculation as it set out the Government's legislative intentions in regard to academisation.

The Queen's Speech stated:

"A Bill will be brought forward to lay foundations for educational excellence in all schools, giving every child the best start in life. There will also be a fairer balance between schools, through the National Funding Formula".

It is understood that the Government's agenda is still to install a process whereby all schools will become academies but only those schools that are under-performing will now be forced to convert to academy status. This means that those schools that are performing well will be able to choose to become an academy if they wish to, but will not be compelled to do so.

In addition, the reform of the school funding system also announced by the Queen today was a commitment in the Government's manifesto and is anticipated to address long standing disparities across the country that the Government feels have disadvantaged schools in some rural areas.

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