SRA Intervention: What is involved?

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The following outlines what is involved in an intervention.  
  • What is an intervention?
  • What happens to my money?
  • What happens to the money I owed the intervened solicitor?
  • What happens to my documents?

What is an intervention?

An intervention is where the Solicitors Regulation Authority resolves to close a solicitor's practice. This is a power given to the Solicitors Regulation Authority by Parliament.

An intervention has the effect that the intervened firm is completely closed down from the time of the intervention and is no longer able to act for its clients.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority takes possession of all papers and monies held by the intervened firm. To carry out the intervention effectively the Solicitors Regulation Authority appoints an intervention agent to carry out their duties; Blake Morgan is one such intervention agent. It is not our role to continue the practice of the intervened firm.

As the effect of an intervention is to close the practice, and therefore the intervened firm will no longer be able to act for you, accordingly you will need to instruct new solicitors to act for you. You are free to choose which solicitors you now wish to act for you. Blake Morgan may be able to act for you although you have no obligation to instruct Blake Morgan; nor does Blake Morgan have any obligation to accept your instructions.

If your file requires further or continued attention it is very important that you instruct a new firm of solicitors to act for you as quickly as possible. You should be aware that there may be important time limits; for example, in litigation there is a limited period of time in which an action can be brought. It is therefore important that you contact us as quickly as possible so that your position with regard to any ongoing matter is not prejudiced. Click on the link to find out how to instruct a new solicitor.

What happens to my money?

Once an intervention has taken place, the Solicitors Regulation Authority through its agent takes possession of all the monies held by that firm on behalf of their clients. Blake Morgan is responsible for examining the intervened firm's accounts in order to assess how much money is held on behalf of each client.

If it is possible to establish how much money is owed to each client, and once we have received the instructions of the Solicitors Regulation Authority, Blake Morgan will endeavour to distribute that money to the people entitled to it.

Unfortunately in some cases this is not possible, for example, if the firm's accounting records are inadequate. In these cases any money held by us is sent to the Solicitors Regulation Authority and clients will need to contact the Solicitors Regulation Authority Compensation Fund to claim any money due. The Compensation Fund details are:

Claims Management
Solicitors Regulation Authority
The Cube
199 Wharfside Street
B1 1RN

Click link to the Solicitors Regulation Authority Compensation Fund web pages.

Click on the link if you believe the intervened firm was holding money to which you are entitled.

What happens to the money I owed the intervened solicitor?

You are still liable for any outstanding invoices, costs and disbursements which the intervened solicitor had incurred on your case up to and including the time of the intervention.

If you make a claim for any money that is owed to you by the intervened firm, this claim will be set off against any money you owed because of work already completed.

Any money that is due to the intervened solicitor should be sent to Blake Morgan as agent for the Solicitors Regulation Authority and should not be sent to the intervened solicitor.

What happens to my documents?

As soon as an intervention has occurred, all client files and documents held by the intervened solicitor are removed from the intervened solicitor's premises.

If your papers were at the intervened firm's office, you will be asked for details of a new solicitor that you would like to instruct or where you would like your papers to be sent.

Papers that are unclaimed will be sent to intervention archives at the Solicitors Regulation Authority for storage.

Click on the link to find out how to claim your documents back.

For further information please contact the Intervention team on 023 8085 7270 or email