Client Guide: Directions for signing a Will (or codicil)

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If any alterations need to be made, please return the Will (or Codicil) to the Succession and Tax team at Blake Morgan for amendment.

Obtain two witnesses.  They must NOT be:

  • beneficiaries under the Will (or Codicil)
  • their wives, husbands or civil partners
  • executors

You should explain that you want them to witness your Will (or Codicil) but it is not necessary for them to read it.

Fill in the date in words (eg "first" day of "January") where the blanks are left for the day and month at the end of the Will.  Sign your name at the end of the Will.  You may sign as you normally sign cheques and other documents but it will help to avoid problems at a later date if you use your full name or all your initials, eg Norman Stanley Fletcher should sign:

  • “Norman Stanley Fletcher” or “Norman S Fletcher” or “N S Fletcher”

The witnesses must sign and add their addresses and occupations as shown in the example below.

You should all three be together and see one another sign. Do not attach anything to the Will.  In particular do not attach paper clips or pins as this may cause difficulties in proving the Will.

We suggest you return the Will to us to check that all is in order and also for safe keeping if you wish.  We will supply a complete copy of the Will for you to keep.

Neither your signature nor those of the witnesses should be in print or block letters but should be in normal handwriting. Unless the witnesses' signatures are completely clear, please let us know their names.


SIGNED by the said                                                                     N S Fletcher

joint presence and then by us in his

S. Harding
Hiram's Hospital
Almshouse Warden

E. Bennet
Longbourn House