Family disputes over inheritance

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Due to the increased complexity of family relationships with first, second and third families, Will and inheritance disputes are becoming increasingly common. 

Given that the largest asset in an estate is often the family home and the value of that home has increased substantially over a testator's lifetime, more disappointed family members are challenging Wills or making applications for support from a relative's estate.

Our Inheritance and Court of Protection Dispute Resolution team has the experience to guide you through the process of challenging a Will; your entitlement on a relative's intestacy or defending such a claim.  We have the expertise to represent you through what can be a complicated and stressful process with tact, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Below we list some of the ways in which we are able to help should a family inheritance dispute arise:

  • arguments about legacies
  • challenges to a Will based on a person's capacity to make it
  • challenges to a Will based on coercion or undue influence of the testator
  • challenges to a Will based upon a testator's knowledge and approval of his Will
  • claims for maintenance from an estate
  • professional negligence claims¬†arising out of drafting errors in Wills or a failure to carry out a testator's instructions.

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