International family law issues

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If you are a foreign national, married or in a relationship with a foreign national, or have lived for a substantial period of time abroad, then any relationship breakdown will involve decisions over where proceedings should be issued and the steps to take to ensure that you obtain the best possible outcome. If there are already proceedings in another country, our team of specialists can help to advise you.

In particular, our team is experienced in dealing with:

  • dealing with and advising on situations where more than one court may have jurisdiction, and how to protect yourself in  this situation
  • and the variation and enforcement of foreign orders
  • the enforcement of orders abroad generally
  • individuals who wish to adopt a child from abroad
  • advising on whether marriages and divorces that took place abroad are valid in the UK
  • advising on whether religious marriages and divorces in the UK are valid for example, a 'talak' (an Islamic Divorce)
  • individuals who wish to move a child from a previous relationship abroad.

Further advice can be sought from other teams within the firm, including Immigration and Notarial services.

International maintenance issues

On 20 December 2012 new rules came in to force that have a far-reaching impact on the way maintenance disputes with international dimensions are dealt with and enforced.

The new rules (and forms prepared by the Permanent Bureau of the Hague Convention) provide global uniformity for establishing and enforcing maintenance payments.

This is a complex and technical area of law that requires specialist legal advice.

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