What to do when employees are stranded abroad

Posted by Nia Evans, 13th June 2019

This article was first published by People Management on 12 June.

With travel disruption caused by extreme weather conditions, airline company collapses, airlines struggling to keep to flight schedules, or even unexpected political turmoil, there is the inevitable problem that stranded passengers may not able to get to their required destination or may miss connecting travel arrangements.

Nia Evans, solicitor in our Employment law team in Cardiff, takes a look at how employers should deal with employees who are away from work for longer than was previously authorised and what happens if they are ill whilst on holiday when they have been stranded.

The starting point is, in the absence of any contractual provision to the contrary, employers are not obliged to pay employees for any time during which they do not attend work. This applies whether or not the employees’ non-attendance or lateness is due to an event outside their control. Only employees who are ready, willing and available to work are entitled to be paid.

Employees who are able to work effectively from wherever they are stranded should generally be paid. However, where flexible working arrangements are not feasible, there are several factors for employers to consider.

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