Cerebral palsy claims

You need expert solicitors to investigate any link between clinical negligence and cerebral palsy, and that is what you’ll find within our Clinical Negligence team. In addition, we have lawyers who are dual-qualified as midwives, nurses or doctors and have the right experience to assess whether your claim has a good chance of success. If it does, they will fight to get you the best possible financial compensation.

If your cerebral palsy compensation claim has a good chance of success, we issue your claim and manage it all the way to trial, although satisfactory settlement may be achieved without going to court. We keep you informed throughout the process and never cease to strive for adequate compensation. Our claim will aim to meet the financial needs of your child - if necessary, throughout his or her life. It will include the cost of care, accommodation, special educational needs, medical treatment, and therapy, as well as carers’ costs.

Although there may be no time limit to pursuing a claim, it is best to consult one of our specialist cerebral palsy solicitors as soon as possible so that you do not lose entitlement to any compensation. It is likely that it will be no cost at all to you to pursue a claim because Legal Aid is available in most cases. We will be able to apply for Legal Aid on your behalf.

Our clients choose Blake Morgan Injury Group Claims Solicitors to handle their cerebral palsy claims compensation claims because:

  • We are acknowledged leaders in the field
  • Our legal team has, collectively, many years' experience in winning clinical negligence compensation claims
  • We talk to our clients in jargon-free language
  • We act quickly so clients get the compensation and care they need as soon fast as possible
  • We are members of industry bodies and panels related to clinical negligence, which means that Blake Morgan Injury Group Claims Solicitors is recognised as being a leader in the legal industry
  • You will discuss your case with a highly qualified lawyer right from the outset

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