Ski and snow accidents

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If you have been in a ski or snow accident that has resulted in one or more injuries and it was not your fault, our Travel Claims team has the expertise to give you the best possible advice on making a compensation claim.

Our Travel Claims injury lawyers have a huge amount of experience in making compensation claims for ski and snow accident cases that include broken bones, head injuries and fatal accidents in regions all around the world.

We will work closely with our independent medical experts to assess the extent of your injuries and make a substantial compensation claim based on your pain and suffering, medical needs and the effect on your work and social life.

Our Travel lawyers will pursue a compensation claim as a result of ski or snow accident if your injuries were the result of:

  • Being injured by another skier or snowboarder
  • A ski school instructor not giving adequate tuition, or taking you off-piste
  • A ski lift that was not properly maintained
  • Faulty ski hire equipment

Our clients choose Blake Morgan Injury Group Solicitors to handle their ski and snow accident compensation claims because:

  • We are acknowledged leaders in the field;
  • We handle a large number of cases including the most catastrophic of injuries, broken bones, head injuries and fatal accidents from all around the world
  • We have a unique team of lawyers who are native in Italian, French, Bulgarian, Spanish and German and qualified in various jurisdictions
  • Our legal team has, collectively, many years' experience in winning personal injury compensation claims
  • We talk to our clients in jargon-free language
  • We act quickly so clients get the compensation and care they need as quickly as possible
  • We are members of industry bodies and panels related to personal injury, which means that Blake Morgan Injury Group Solicitors is recognised as being a leader in the industry
  • We have a specialist team of lawyers dedicated to overseas travel claims
  • You  will discuss your case with a highly qualified lawyer right from the outset

Ski and snow accident compensation claims should be made as soon as possible. If you were on a package holiday, the claim must be within three years. Claims outside the UK can have much shorter time limits.

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