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Our legal experts understand the challenges of modern living and that for many of our clients their business and personal affairs overlap.  As a full service law firm we are able to support you on every aspect of your 'life stage' whether you are starting a family and setting up a business or looking to sell, protect your assets and make plans for retirement.  We develop lifetime relationships with our clients providing relevant, realistic legal solutions that help them navigate the complexities of today's world.

BM Life Stages is a series of research led reports that shine a light on the complexities of modern life and explore a range of issues:

Modern Family Matters

The modern family is a complex place. In today's world, we're living longer, getting married later, if at all and we're not afraid to divorce if things don’t work out.  Our family lives are more diverse, complex and blended – and then span three of four generations. Second marriages and people choosing not to get married at all can make financial matters even more complicated. 

In the first of our BM Life Stages report 'Modern Family Matters' we explore how you can ensure you have the right legal plans and structures in place to support your family now and in the future – whether that's helping your children onto the property ladder, funding your grandchildren's education or ensuring elderly dependants have access to the social and support that they need in later life. 

Our expert team provides clear family law advice on the issues you are facing today while helping you prepare for unexpected and sudden changes in circumstances that may happen in the future. 

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Building a Business

Starting up your own business can be incredibly empowering. Incubating an idea, turning it into something tangible, setting your own milestones and striking out on your own is exciting and fulfilling.

It’s also enormously challenging. More than 400,000 starts-up will be registered and begin trading this year, but 2017 figures from the Enterprise Research Centre show that on average only 53.7 per cent of UK start-ups will survive the first three years.

In the second of our Life Stages reports, we look at what you need to know to set-up and manage your business and how to best maximise input from family and friends without compromising on your legal obligations and business goals.

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Future-proofing your Legacy

Our final report 'Future-proofing your Legacy' focuses on how people save for their future, plan to retire and hand over control of their assets and business.

Planning for the future can seem a daunting task and for many successful busy people, keeping on top of day-to-day decisions can be all consuming. But if you’ve invested in a business to make it a success, protecting your longer-term interests and having a plan for your succession should be top of the agenda. Making decisions now that shape your future, the future of your business and the future of your family, will protect you in the long term.

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Why work with us?

Blake Morgan offers a wide range of traditional private client services, including niche offerings that include succession planning, wealth preservation, cross-border and UK/US tax planning, high value residential and leasehold enfranchisement, driver defence and dispute resolution. Our private law team has considerable experience in advising high net-worth individualsentrepreneursowners of estates, and families that require advice on succession and tax, residential property or sensitive family issues.

Contact a member of our Private Law team for more information on how we can help you and your family.

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