Defending Professionals

We recognise that for any professional an investigation into their conduct or competence is stressful. Their ability to practise and the safeguarding of their reputation are at stake.

Access to experienced, expert, empathetic and understanding lawyers will provide reassurance and support through each stage of what can be a daunting and drawn out process.

Our dedicated regulatory lawyers come from a mix of criminal and civil law backgrounds. They have represented professionals facing disciplinary proceedings in a number of different sectors.

Our support includes:

  • Advising how to respond to an initial complaint or concern;
  • Achieving resolution of proceedings without a hearing;
  • Interviewing witnesses and obtaining defence evidence;
  • Representation at regulatory tribunals.

Our lawyers have represented individuals in so many different professional areas, that they have a detailed knowledge of the codes of conduct, standards of proficiency and competence required by those different professions. This means that they are able to advise you clearly and confidently regarding the likely outcome of any disciplinary proceedings and the potential sanctions that can be imposed if you admit or are found to be in breach of regulatory standards.

Our experience includes acting for professionals from initial referral to interim order applications, preliminary/case management hearings, substantive hearings, restorations, substantive order reviews, judicial reviews and appeals. We manage and advise in relation to allegations of misconduct (including dishonesty) and fraud, lack of competence/deficient professional performance, adverse mental and/or physical health conditions and investigations arising from convictions.    

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