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Blake Morgan's specialist Family Law Solicitors are experienced in family mediation, collaborative law and alternative dispute resolution.

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We recognise that when relationships break down, emotions can run high and trying to solve the issues that frequently arise can be very difficult. Going to court can be very expensive, risky and time-consuming. Alternative methods of resolving difficulties and disputes do exist, however. 

Our experienced Family Law team includes members who are fully trained and qualified mediators and collaborative law experts, who can offer a choice of dispute management services:

  • Mediation is a private, impartial, solution-focused process facilitated by an independent mediator in which parties meet to resolve issues without the need for recourse to the courts. Mediators will not provide legal advice, but they do provide information and options to help people come to resolve issues in ways which are effective for them. Mediators are trained to help people reach agreements, preserve relationships and make the best, most practical arrangements for the future. Please see our complete guide here for more information.
  • Collaborative law is an alternative to the traditional adversarial approach to the divorce process. Collaborative law was developed by family lawyers to manage the divorce process in a more dignified manner. It involves a series of face to face meetings, assisted by their respective lawyers, with the aim of reaching an amicable consensus. Collaborative law can also address issues that may not be of a legal nature, and allows those concerns to be addressed and looked at through the use of outside experts if necessary, for example, counsellors, accountants, financial advisers, estate agents etc. Please see our complete guide here for more information.

For further information or to talk to someone about family mediation or collaborative law, please call a Family Law team member in the office nearest you.

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