Personal partnerships and agreements

“I really appreciate all of your advice to date – it has, thanks to your expertise, been relatively stress free.”

Mr S Oxford
Blake Morgan's specialist Family law Solicitors are experienced in advising couples on the details of a range of agreements including pre-nuptial and civil partnerships. 

Main areas of practice 

Our family lawyers provide advice and guidance on drafting agreements including:

  • Civil Partnerships - The Civil Partnership Act came into force on 5 December 2005 and enables same-sex couples, following a formal registration of the relationship, to enjoy similar benefits to married couples in areas such as personal taxation, pension and inheritance. 
  • Pre-nuptial or Pre-marriage agreements - A pre-nuptial agreement (also known as a pre-marital agreement) is a written agreement between a couple intending to marry that sets out how their assets should be shared in the event that their marriage ends in divorce. 
  • Living together agreements Living together agreements set out the day to day financial arrangements involved in cohabitation and can assist in protecting both parties from some of the consequences of later separation.
  • Separation agreements and deeds of separation Separation agreements or deeds of separation can be used if you cannot or do not wish to issue divorce proceedings immediately, but there are still issues to be resolved.  When a couple separates, they can enter into a separation agreement which allows them to set out their intentions as to how matters should be dealt with on their separation. The agreement can provide for maintenance, care of the children and division of capital. The agreement may also include a clause whereby the parties agree to an immediate separation.

Please see our complete Guide to Personal Partnerships and Agreements for more detail. 

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