Project Management and Cost Management

Led by Director and Chartered Surveyor James Gundy, our team of project and cost management specialists provide the construction consultancy expertise required to define and ultimately deliver client objectives in a cost effective manner. This team of surveyors, working within a legal practice, delivers solutions in its own right as well as complementing the work of legally qualified lawyers.

By integrating with our clients, we are able to clearly define the critical success factors unique to each project and establish a delivery framework to manage the variables of cost, programme, quality and risk to recognise value across all stages of the development process.

Importantly, we work closely with our colleagues across the business to combine a unique understanding of property and construction law with practical application and delivery experience. Together, this capability enables us to protect our client’s interests, implement robust project governance and provide a holistic service during all stages of a development’s lifecycle.

We are proud to have developed a unique model whereby our clients can be confident that their aspirations have been practically tested and are legally sound.

Main areas of practice

Cost Management

We provide our clients with specialised commercial and contract management advice to ensure the profitability of developments and enhance the certainty of a successful project outcome. Financial viability is imperative to this and remains a key focus throughout the delivery of our services, across all project stages. Key services include: 

  • Establishing project budgets
  • Conceptual cost planning
  • Post contract cost management
  • Benchmarking and due diligence
  • Project/ Fund Monitoring
  • Procurement advise/tendering
  • Risk and value management
  • Whole life costing

Project Management

Every project has a purpose and objective to be achieved within a finite timescale. Through effective project management, we have the ability to apply processes, protocols, knowledge, skills and experience to deliver project objectives on time and on budget whilst minimising risk, maintaining a health and safety culture and maximising investment returns across all stages of the project process. Key services include;

  • Programme management
  • Project Manager (as defined by the NEC Contract)
  • Employer’s Agent (as Defined by the JCT Contract)
  • Contract Administration


Our capability spans a wide range of sectors in both the public and private sectors including: 

  • Commercial Developments
  • Residential
  • Social Housing
  • Infrastructure
  • Hotel and Leisure
  • Schools, Colleges and Higher Education
  • Health
  • Arts and Culture
  • Retail

If you would like to talk to our dedicated project management and cost management specialists, please use our contact form. 

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