Solicitors Regulation Authority interventions

The Solicitors Regulation Authority has the power, granted to it by Parliament, to close down firms of solicitors in certain circumstances. This process is called an intervention.

Following an intervention, the Solicitors Regulation Authority takes possession of all papers and money held by the intervened firm and appoints another firm of solicitors to act as its agent in order to do this. Blake Morgan is an appointed Solicitors Regulation Authority agent.

Here we try to answer the questions you may have if you are a client of an intervened firm.

Why haven't I heard about the intervention from Blake Morgan?

If the intervention in question has occurred with the last few days or weeks and you have not heard anything, it maybe because the Solicitors Regulation Authority is in the process of drawing up a database of files and writing to you, to let you know that you should contact Blake Morgan.

If the intervention occurred some time ago and you have still not been contacted it may be that you have moved house and the intervened firm did not have your new address. If this is the case you should contact us by clicking here or call 023 8085 7270.

For all other Intervention enquiries, please contact the Intervention team on 023 8085 7270 or click here to email them.  

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