White-Collar Crime & Investigations

Our white-collar crime and investigations team has extensive experience of defending clients in both criminal and regulatory investigations. Our work is often high profile, complex and has an international dimension. The right advice at the outset of an investigation is critical. We understand the impact an investigation can have on our clients and that is why we ensure we are there to support them at every step of the investigation.

We pride ourselves in our proactive and individual approach to each case. Our experts are able to quickly assimilate the facts and advise clients not only on the nature of the immediate investigation but also on long-term strategies to effectively deal with the issues faced. As a full service law firm we are able to call upon sector experts to assist clients as part of the specialist investigations team.

Our clients are corporates, company officers, public officials and individuals.

Our expert team advise and represent clients in the full range of investigations and prosecutions by the Serious Fraud Office ("SFO"), Financial Conduct Authority  ("FCA"), HM Revenue and Customs ("HMRC"), Competition and Markets Authority ("CMA"), National Crime Agency ("NCA"), City of London police and other police forces, Health and Safety Executive ("HSE") and other investigating agencies such as the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy ("DBEIS") (formerly the Department for Business Innovation & Skills), NHS Protect ("NHSP") and Trading Standards.

We represent clients at interview, throughout the investigation process and in criminal trials and contentious regulatory proceedings. Our extensive knowledge of criminal and regulatory investigations enables us to quickly focus on the issues that matter and to robustly defend our clients.

We also represent individual clients in internal investigations in the work place, and we also conduct internal investigations on behalf of corporate clients.

Main areas of practice

Our experts, many of whom are ranked in independent legal directories, regularly advise clients in the following areas:

  • Investigations and prosecutions by the SFO;
  • Contentious regulatory investigations and enforcement action by the FCA, including cases before the Regulatory Decisions Committee ("RDC");
  • Global investigations, where we represent clients who face investigation not just in the UK but also overseas;
  • Investigations and prosecution by HMRC;
  • Investigations and prosecutions by the HSE;
  • Investigations and prosecutions by the CMA;
  • Investigations and prosecutions by the NCA;
  • Criminal investigations by the police and prosecutions by the CPS;
  • Investigations by Trading Standards;
  • Investigations by other government agencies (such as NHSP, DBEIS, DFID, etc.);
  • Dawn raids and critical incident response.


We act for clients across different sectors. Our clients are private individuals, high-net worth individuals, company officers and executives and corporates. Examples are:

  • CEO's;
  • CFO's;
  • Directors;
  • Professionals;
  • High-net worth individuals;
  • Private individuals.

Significant experience

  • Advising an individual in the LIBOR investigation. This matter involves both a criminal investigation by the SFO and a regulatory investigation by the FCA (contentious proceedings before the Regulatory Decisions Committee ("RDC"). This case also involved a parallel investigation in the US by the Department of Justice;
  • Advising the former CEO of a charity accused of widespread fraud under Fraud Act 2006 and bribery offences investigated by City of London police. Complex matter split in to several trials and detailed legal argument;
  • Advising the former CFO of a global corporate accused of bribery and corruption overseas. The matter is being investigated by the SFO in the US as well as the Department of Justice in the UK;
  • Advised a businessman accused of multi-jurisdictional ¬£50million duty evasion;
  • Advised a former company director accused of bribery and corruption;
  • Advising a broker regarding a FCA investigation whereby a Prohibition Order is sought as it is claimed the client is not a "fit and proper" person;
  • Advised an individual in an insider trading criminal prosecution by the FCA which involved 1700 gigabytes of information and was the largest prosecution of its type at the time;
  • Advising a senior employee in a high value government contract fraud;
  • Advised a high-net worth foreign national accused of money laundering in excess of ¬£100million;
  • Advised an individual in High Court proceedings for asset forfeiture;
  • Advised a senior executive in the criminal investigation in to phone hacking (Operation Golding);
  • Advised a senior journalist in the criminal investigation in to payments to public officials and misconduct in public office (Operation Elveden);
  • Advising a former company director in the SFO's criminal investigation in to large scale fraud in the solar energy sector;
  • Advised a company director in connection with a significant cyber fraud;
  • Advised a company director in a long firm fraud which was the largest case every prosecuted by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills at that time;
  • Advising clients in criminal restraint and confiscation proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002;
  • Advised a corporate in a HMRC investigation concerning tax fraud;
  • Advised a corporate in an investigation by Trading Standards concerning the manufacture and importation of goods from China and fire safety compliance;
  • Advised a corporate on its internal investigation in to the possession of confidential and classified material, unfair tendering and forged documents. We also advised the client on an associated inquiry by a Parliamentary Select Committee, and an external investigation by a government department;
  • Advised a corporate on an internal investigation in to allegations of failure to prevent tax evasion overseas, money laundering and terrorist financing. This matter also involved a Parliamentary Select Committee inquiry.
  • Advised a number of individuals accused of international MTIC/carousel fraud.

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