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It is vital that proper consideration is given to the distribution of a person's estate upon death. By making a Will at Blake Morgan, you can ensure that your family and other chosen beneficiaries are taken care of.
We not only take into account your current circumstances, but also how you can protect your estate if the unexpected occurs.

Our experienced solicitors provide you with options to consider, as well as potentially identifying and recommending tax mitigation and asset protection opportunities to reduce inheritance tax or exposure to care home fees.

Who should have a Will?

Whilst most people tend to start thinking about having a Will in their later years, generally the law allows anybody aged 18 or over to make a Will stating how they wish their assets to pass on their death. Despite this, thousands of people die each year without making a Will (intestate). This means that the law dictates who will inherit your estate. The current intestacy rules do provide some protection for married couples and families, but the rules have limited scope. Notably, unmarried couples living together have no automatic right under the current intestacy rules to inherit each other's estates. This is the case no matter how long they have lived together and even if they have children together.

When should you review your Will?

Your property and assets will change over time, as will your personal interests and relationships. We suggest that you carry out a general review of your Will every five years. However, there are certain 'life events' that can occur where we strongly recommend that you seek advice from our specialist solicitors on how your Will might be affected and whether any changes need to be made:

The importance of getting the right advice

At Blake Morgan we believe that every client is unique and therefore requires a bespoke Will, properly thought out and tailored to meet their needs. We treat your Will as one of the most important documents that you will ever sign and we encourage all our clients to think the same way.

Many people and organisations claim that they can draft Wills and offer seemingly cheap solutions with a 'one size fits all' approach. It is important for you to know that Will writing is currently an unregulated activity, so some Will writers are unqualified to advise properly and are also uninsured for when things go wrong.

Unfortunately, it is usually the case that a poorly drafted Will is only identified after you have died when it is often too late to correct matters. The fall-out created by a poorly drafted Will can be severe and can lead to disputes among beneficiaries costing tens of thousands of pounds to resolve.

Our view is that a professionally drafted Will is an investment in your family's future. During our lifetimes, we focus on protecting our loved ones. Here at Blake Morgan, we believe that this protection should continue after death with a well drafted Will.

How can we help?

Our Wills and Probate team can guide you through the complex process of making a Will and can help put your mind at ease. We have offices in: SouthamptonReadingOxfordPortsmouth and London and can assist you with:

  • Drafting new and revising existing Wills
  • Making provision for spouses and civil partners, children, second families and disabled relatives
  • Charitable giving
  • Tax planning
  • Incorporating foreign property and assets
  • Reconciling your personal needs with those of your business or farm
  • Wills and inheritance disputes

For further information on drafting and reviewing Wills see our client information sheets.


“I would like to thank you for the prompt and efficient way in which you conducted our business and for making such a complex issue so clear to us. The whole process was certainly much easier than we had thought it was going to be.”

Mrs J Oxford

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