Private Client Issues – September 2018

Posted by Helen Bunker, 6th September 2018
Welcome to this month’s edition of Private Client Issues, Blake Morgan’s monthly round-up of the topics you may find of interest. Insight and advice on developments affecting private individuals.

Successful Inheritance Act claim for perceived “lodger”

What happens if someone believes that they have not been adequately provided for financially, following the death of the deceased? Blake Morgan looks at how the Inheritance Act 1975 allows certain people to make claims against the deceased’s estate, highlighted by a recent case where a perceived ‘lodger’ wins his fight for his partner’s son’s inheritance.

Find out more about a successful Inheritance Act Claim

Freehold vs leasehold: what’s the difference?

Freehold and leasehold are the two main types of property ownership in the UK. Blake Morgan explains how these types of ownership differ and the considerations to note when buying a leasehold property.

Discover the difference between Freehold and Leasehold

Holding the personal representatives (PRs) to account

You know that you have been named as a beneficiary under a Will or are entitled under a relative’s intestacy. After the initial emotions experienced in learning this and the news has bedded in, you feel that you have been waiting for ages and ages to find out more. Blake Morgan looks at what you should expect to receive and when.

Read more about holding PRs to account

Buyer-funded developments: is the potential return worth the risk?

Post the financial crisis of 2008, the buyer-funded development model has become increasingly common. Recent media coverage tells a tale of failed projects, substantial financial loss and allegations of fraud. Blake Morgan explores how these schemes operate and the risks if you are considering investing.

Discover more about buyer-funded developments

If you are impacted by any of the above topics or you would like further information on how we can help you, please contact your usual Blake Morgan adviser.

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