Coaching & Mentoring

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There are, of course, occasions when flexible, tailored 1:1 support is more beneficial than any structured training programme. We offer both coaching and mentoring support across the firm.


Our internal Coaching Faculty enables us to support colleagues in areas such as skills development, personal development and career transition. It is a highly tailored, time-efficient platform enabling individuals to work towards career goals in a supportive and challenging environment. We regularly offer coaching support to people new in role to help them consider their first 100-day plan.


Mentoring is an important development tool used to ensure people reach their full potential, become more confident and effective, and feel supported throughout their careers. Our aim is to ensure that all our people have the opportunity to benefit from a mentoring relationship if they want one and that’s why we developed the Blake Morgan Mentoring Programme. Mentoring is an informal, relatively unstructured, professional relationship designed to encourage, motivate and guide individuals on an on-going basis. It provides a sounding board for ideas, advice on career development and increases speed to competency – in other words, it helps you achieve your goals faster – and gain insider knowledge of how the firm works from a new perspective. We are delighted that the firm offers a programme that is accessible to all our people, no matter what their job role.

New Parent Mentoring Programme

The experience of becoming a working parent is highly individual. Whatever the experience, each person goes through a period of adjustment. Research tells us that this is a critical time for offering extra support as the person navigates the transition before, during and on return to work. That’s why we introduced a New Parent Mentoring Programme at the firm.