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case studies

5 December - Rhian Davies

Our professional negligence experts take a look at an appeal from the Supreme Court and what you can take away from it. The case: Edwards on behalf of the Estate of... Read More

case studies

2 October - Emily De La Ronde-Wilton

A national health trust (and incumbent provider of the services being procured) ("the Trust") challenged a contracting authority's contract award decision. The Trust had decided not to bid for the... Read More

case studies

20 September - Emily De La Ronde-Wilton

An Italian court requested a preliminary reference ruling from the European Court of Justice ("ECJ") around the meaning of the "grave professional misconduct" discretionary exclusion, pursuant to Directive 2004/18. In... Read More

case studies

11 July - Angelina Mihaylova

The Court of Appeal held that negative (as opposed to positive) interest was not payable on cash collateral posted under the 1995 Credit Support Annex (CSA) to an International Swaps... Read More

case studies

13 June - Justin Weare

Blake Morgan acted in the recent Court of Appeal case of Potamianos.  In its judgment, the Court of Appeal provided guidance as to the circumstances in which, in the context... Read More

case studies

5 April - Harriet Dare

We review the case of Devon Commercial Property Ltd v (1) Robert Adrian Barnett (2) Robert John Belcher (2019) that highlights and clarifies some interesting points in relation to the... Read More

case studies

15 March

This case offers a salutary lesson for all architects (and other professionals): not only will a failure to record your client's brief (and agreed changes to that brief) clearly and... Read More

case studies

8 March - Heather Welham

In court proceedings injunctive relief may be granted to the claimant after successfully asserting a without notice application in circumstances where, for example, there is a case of extreme urgency... Read More

case studies

4 March - Heather Welham

In this particular employment court case, the court had to rule on an interim injunction against a former employee for a possible breach of restrictive covenant. The question as to... Read More

case studies

22 February - Heather Welham

The Court of Appeal decision in Egon Zehnder Ltd v Tillman [2018] placed doubt on whether it was possible for parts of a single covenant to be deleted without changing... Read More

case studies

19 February - Michael Colledge

A Court of Appeal case in January 2019 has provided a useful analysis on using SAAMCO to distinguish between 'advice' and 'information' cases involving financial professional negligence. SAAMCO is commonly... Read More

case studies

15 February - Michael Colledge

The Supreme Court has handed down an important judgment in relation to the defence of negligence claims based on the loss of a chance.  The case is significant because it... Read More