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case studies

18 November

We look at the recent Court of Appeal decision to award a success fee uplift in Hirachand and consider how this might impact Inheritance Act claims in the future. Read More

case studies

16 November

The UK Supreme Court has confirmed, in the recent important decision of FS Cairo (Nile Plaza) LLC v Brownlie [2021] EWCA Civ 996 ("Brownlie 2"), that it will take an... Read More

case studies

4 November

Blake Morgan was instructed by JW, a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) who was being investigated by the ACCA on an allegation that JW was providing... Read More


27 October

The Coronavirus Act 2020 (CA 2020), which became law on 25 March 2020, has significant implications for landlords and tenants of commercial premises. The Act gives considerable protection to tenants against... Read More

case studies

19 October

A recent case highlights the importance of making clauses which impose burdensome obligations on customers (in this case a B2B relationship) to be made obvious by suppliers. In Blu-Sky Solutions Ltd... Read More

case studies

18 October

We look at a summary judgment from the High Court that dismisses an alleged oral variation of a share option agreement. Read More

case studies

6 October

The landmark judgment in Convoy Collateral v Broad Idea and Cho Kwai Chee, provides clarity on the power of the Court to grant injunctions and freezing orders in international litigation.... Read More

case studies

19 July

The Court of Appeal, in Lillo Sciortino v Marc Beaumont [2021][1], recently clarified the issue as to the date upon which a cause of action accrues in negligence when a... Read More

case studies

28 June

The Admissions and Licensing Committee (ALC) allowed audit registration to continue for our client (JA) despite previous unsatisfactory visits due to exceptional circumstances. We look at the case here and... Read More

case studies

25 June

We look at a case that involved historic audit complaints and managed to avoid exclusion for our client (NA) who received a severe reprimand and fine. Read More

case studies

16 June

A word of warning if you are an accountant thinking of appealing to the ICAEW's Appeal Committee. In a recent case a member ended up facing increased penalties and a... Read More

case studies

14 June

Evidence provided during a disciplinary committee hearing could pave the way for potential ACCA reinstatement to the Student Register. We look at the details of the case here. Read More