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We believe that most people learn best from real experiences (those moments where you have to think on your feet to solve a problem, or you see someone else in action and understand how what they’ve done could help you with your next piece of work) supplemented by more formal learning opportunities. You might have heard this approach described as the 70:20:10 model where:

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Our learning and development programme is designed to support ‘on-the-job’ learning by focussing on key skills that are relevant to the work you do and providing multiple ways to learn, ensuring it is realistic in terms of the time and commitment needed.

Through the Blake Morgan Academy, our firm-wide Learning and Development platform, you will have access to a wide range of desktop resources – such as short topic guides, videos, webinars and e-learning – as well as books, short bite-sized classroom modules and professional qualifications.

Our central Learning and Development Team is on hand to help you think through your personal development plan and to identify the resources best for you.

The Learning and Development Team also run:

Career Milestone Programmes

such as NQ Induction, Senior Associate Induction and New Partner Induction which are designed to support role transition;

Career Development Centres

to help individuals to prepare for the next stage of their career;

Bespoke Programmes

within Business Groups or for clients;