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Technology businesses operate in a fast, influential and agile space, it is essential to have a technology law firm who understands this. Providing straightforward, commercial advice at every stage.

With a wealth of talent, investment and support, the UK is home to world leading technology companies operating in different parts of the tech spectrum. From life and applied sciences, complex platforms, robotics, healthtech, fintech, graphics, chip design, content delivery, data storage/management and self-driving cars. There is also a wide range of companies where the use of technology is vital to their business. The UK is a global hot-bed for new and emerging technologies, providing a platform for start-ups to succeed.

Our technology lawyers help businesses at every life stage to protect, comply and succeed in their chosen market.

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Legal Support at Every Stage

Our technology lawyers help businesses through all legal requirements at every step of the way.

Start-Up Support

The start-up process can be frantic. From developing your product or service as quickly as possible, investing in research and development, to market launches. Understanding how important it is to protect your hard earned IP, how to identify collaboration or joint venture opportunities to finance your business growth, and attract and retain the right talent as your head count increases. It can be daunting to know what step is next. Our interactive Start-up toolkit is there to help you – from protecting your IP to negotiating supplier contracts.

Scale-Up Advice

Once you have established your business, your product is now making waves in the market, the next stage is growth. Often tech firms find this tough: a totally different set of skills and advice is required. This is where our experts add value by applying their experience and commercial nous to help firms make the next jump. From access to finance or moving premises, how best to manage a growing team with new talent or whether growing through a merger or acquisition is on the cards. We can help you scale up.

Exit Strategy

We can help guide you through this process, always being the technology lawyer who understands what is important to you. We will prepare your business for sale, guide you through an 'initial public offering' (IPO) and make sure you are personally protected afterwards.


As a leading full-service technology law firm, we provide a wide range of services to technology companies from protecting intellectual property, supporting its commercialisation, to transactional legal services and employment advice.

Our Clients

Our clients come from both vendors and buyers of technology, meaning we provide balanced advice to start-ups, household names, the public sector and international corporations across many of the major emerging technologies of today.

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