Cybercrime Notice

Cybercrime and fraud is a real and increasing threat and it’s important to remain vigilant to ensure you do not become a victim of it. E-mail and other forms of non-face to face communication enable individuals to easily disguise their true identity, often for dishonest purposes.

Do not assume a telephone call, a text or an email is genuine. Unless you are absolutely sure of the identity of the person communicating with you, particularly where instructions or requests concerning money are made – you should independently verify it.  Please be cautious if you receive a request claiming to come from Blake Morgan asking you to send monies to a bank account that is different from the one that we have told you of, as it is likely to be fraudulent. If this happens, please call us straightaway. Our Bank account details are provided at the outset of the matter and will never change throughout the course of that matter and we WILL NOT notify you of a change of our bank details via email. Please speak to us by phone or post to confirm bank details supplied before transferring any money.  Blake Morgan cannot be held responsible if you transfer money into an incorrect account. ​

If you receive an email or other communication purporting to come from Blake Morgan or a member of the firm, or if you are directed to a website or social media account which purports to belong to Blake Morgan and you have any suspicions or concerns about the authenticity of the communication or website, please contact your usual Blake Morgan adviser or email [email protected] before taking any other action.

The website of the Solicitors Regulation Authority contains a ‘Scam Alert’ database which provides members of the public with information about known scams in which the identity of a legitimate law firm or a legitimate lawyer has been used by persons unknown for what are assumed to be criminal purposes. The database can be viewed on the SRA’s website.