IEA release report for the Ongoing Review of the Operation of Justice in Wales

Posted by Joanne Thompson, 29th July 2019
The Independent Expert Advisory (IEA) Committee for Ongoing Review of the Operation of Justice in Wales has just released its first report with a number of interesting observations and recommendations.

The Committee has drawn from expertise from the judiciary, the legal sector, operational bodies and officials from both the UK and Welsh Governments in order to inform the report and has identified two main issues affecting delivery of justice in Wales.

First, the divergence of Welsh law from laws made by the UK Parliament following the ability of the National Assembly for Wales to make its own laws in relation to matters devolved to it and secondly, the accessibility of Welsh law in understanding how and which laws need to be applied to any given situation. Key recommendations for improving the delivery of justice in Wales include further collaboration between the Ministry of Justice and the Welsh Government, further work to be undertaken to make Welsh law more easily accessible and the need for legal education to include suitable training to reflect the divergence in Welsh law.

A copy of the Report can be accessed here for the English language version and here for the Welsh language version.

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