New Court Forms anticipated

Posted by David Miles, 16th November 2018
It is anticipated that new Court Forms will be issued shortly, following a slight delay. The most significant change will be the introduction of a separate form to deal with Applications for Permission to Appeal rather than the old Form 1 which had a dual purpose as serving as a Notice of Appeal as well as an Application for Permission to Appeal.

At the same time, the opportunity has been taken to tidy up some of the other rules. More time is to be allowed for the agreeing of the Statement of Facts and Issues, an exercise that can often take longer than the 42 days currently provided for.

The Justices continue to be exasperated by the extensive bundles of Authorities. Parties are to be encouraged to produce a core bundle.

With regard to the Record, frequently few of the documents are actually referred to either in the Cases, or at the hearing. Parties are to be encouraged to produce a core Record dealing with only the relevant documents involved in the appeal.

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