Solent Freeport – a significant opportunity for growth in the Central South

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As the nation’s gateway into European and global markets, the establishment of the Solent Freeport presents a heightened opportunity for the region to strengthen and grow crucial trade relationships – improving infrastructure for manufacturing businesses and creating an estimated 30,000 new jobs in the area.

Our local team of infrastructure, manufacturing, technology and employment law experts based in our head office near Southampton Airport, are up to date with latest advice to help businesses understand the challenges, navigate risks and capitalise on investment in the Central South.

As a key focus of the Central South region in which we operate, we have a vested interest in understanding the unique opportunities and incentives that the Solent Freeport tax and customs sites offer business stakeholders in the region. That’s why we are working with the Southern Policy Centre to explore what business and stakeholder organisations really think about the Solent Freeport and how we can work together to harness the opportunity it provides.

To find out more information contact: Rebecca Whitehead.