Tomorrow's City Centres

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Tomorrow’s City Centres is a project in partnership with Blake Morgan and Southern Policy Centre (SPC).

SPC, with the support of Blake Morgan, is exploring how five major retail and commercial centres in the central South of England – Bournemouth, Poole, Portsmouth, Southampton and Winchester – are evolving to meet the demands of the future.

Foreword from Daniel Curtis, Blake Morgan Partner

When Simon Eden and I first discussed this research project in March 2019 the future of our city centres was a constant theme in the media, with a limited narrative focused on the ‘death of the High Street’. Our city centres are so much more than just retail.

They are places where people live, interact, play, work and learn (to name but a few). City centres are a focal point for local communities. Successful city centres make their communities proud. Conversely, a failing city centre can drain the confidence of a community. People want to be proud to be from a particular place.

Read our Re-imaging Tomorrow’s City Centre report.

You can contribute to the ongoing discussion by emailing your feedback and ideas to [email protected].