Private Client Issues – June 2018

Posted by Helen Bunker, 7th June 2018
Welcome to this month’s edition of Private Client Issues, Blake Morgan’s monthly round-up of the topics you may find of interest.

Reservation agreements: A way to reduce failed transactions or yet another obstacle to homebuyers?

The government recently published the outcome of its consultation on improving the home buying and selling process and one of the resulting proposals was the introduction of reservation agreements. Blake Morgan explores whether they might be a way to reduce failed property transactions, or simply another obstacle to homebuyers.

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Safeguarding your health: LPAs and Messages in a Bottle

As part of Dementia Awareness Week Blake Morgan encouraged others to understand more about the condition and should you or your family be affected by a form of the disease, what plans can be put in place to help you cope. We look at two key steps you can take to help safeguard your health by putting in place a Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney and keeping a ‘Message in a Bottle’ in the fridge.

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Unravelling capacity

The term ‘capacity’ is used so frequently and is often misunderstood. As part of Dementia Awareness Week Blake Morgan looked to dispel any myths surrounding this powerful word and explain the different tests for capacity should you wish to make or alter your Will, or put in place a Lasting Power of Attorney.

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Japanese Knotweed – The neighbour from hell

Japanese Knotweed is a non-native invasive species and is the most invasive plant in the UK.  It grows rapidly, the roots are extremely wide spreading and can penetrate foundations and concrete, so can cause considerable physical damage to buildings and land. This will affect the value, marketability and insurability of property. Blake Morgan looks at two cases which serve as a reminder that you owe your neighbour a duty of care, so should always take reasonable steps to minimise the risk of Japanese Knotweed encroaching onto neighbouring property, to avoid the risk of any claim.

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If you are impacted by any of the above topics or you would like further information on how we can help you, please contact your usual Blake Morgan adviser.

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