Procurement in a time of coronavirus

Posted by Tomos Lewis, 27th March 2020
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We take a detailed look at the Procurement Policy Note that has been published by the government and gives guidance to contracting authorities.

On 18 March, the Cabinet office released the Procurement Policy Note – Responding to COVID-19 (PPN), which issues information and advice on public procurement regulations in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The PPN sets out possible options that may be available to contracting authorities where they may need to procure goods, services or works with extreme urgency in response to the pandemic. Such options are likely to be useful and utilised by the health and social care sector and local authorities, and include:

  • Direct award due to urgency
  • Additional delivery of supplies from existing supplier
  • Call-off from existing framework agreements or dynamic purchase systems
  • Using accelerated procedures
  • Extending or modifying existing agreements

Download our procurement in the time of coronavirus guide, where we have set out some of the options available to contracting authorities together with the key consideration they should have when considering such options.

Our public law, commercial and procurement experts are available to help you use these options if needed.

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