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in advising on personal insolvency

Blake Morgan’s team of expert Insolvency solicitors has considerable experience in personal insolvency. As well as advising trustees in bankruptcy and IVA supervisors, which gives them specialist knowledge in how office holders approach bankruptcies, they act for creditors and third parties, particularly family members, affected by bankruptcy.

Our Insolvency solicitors work in partnership with our clients; understanding their needs and priorities whilst assisting them in a straightforward way to ensure that they understand this technical and detailed area of the law. The team’s lawyers understand that bankruptcy can be daunting for those affected by it but they can provide straightforward commercial advice with the aim of finding effective solutions for our clients.

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Main Areas Of Practice

If you are facing personal insolvency, our Insolvency solicitors will help you navigate the process:

For bankrupts

Our legal experts can apply for the annulment of a bankruptcy where there is funding available to pay all bankruptcy debts and expenses or where the bankruptcy order should not have been made. We can only advise bankrupts where a third party funds that advice.

For families and family offices

We advise family members or a family office on the effects of a family member's bankruptcy on the family or family office, including in relation to the steps taken by the trustee in bankruptcy to realise assets. Our legal experts provide support to those affected including for interviews with a trustee in bankruptcy or the Official Receiver.

For creditors

Our Insolvency solicitors advise on presenting a bankruptcy petition; often following litigation against the individual that has led to a judgement, including litigation to enforce a personal guarantee. Our experts also help support bankruptcy petitions and can advise on the appointment of a trustee in bankruptcy.

For other third parties

Our Insolvency solicitors advise third parties, including companies, on their obligations to cooperate with a trustee in bankruptcy who is investigating a bankrupt's assets and affairs and considers that the third party may have relevant information.

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Our Clients

If you are facing personal insolvency, we understand it’s a difficult and challenging time, so we help our clients understand all the options available to them and the legal procedures involved to make the process as easy as possible for them. Our Insolvency solicitors act for private individuals and their families as well as creditors.


Acting for a family member where the bankrupt was deceased and the personal representatives had failed to deal with the trustee in bankruptcy's application for an order for possession and sale of the matrimonial home. The bankrupt's wife lacked capacity and an application was required to the Court of Protection for the family member to be appointed as her Deputy in order to deal with the proceedings brought by the trustee in bankruptcy.

Acting for an individual resident overseas who had been made bankrupt in the English High Court. He was a high-net-worth individual with considerable funds at his disposal to meet the bankruptcy debts and expenses.

Advising family members, who were high-net-worth individuals, on the inevitable bankruptcy of another family member who had substantial debts which the family could no longer settle. The family members were also creditors of the debtor and we advised on supporting the petition and taking change of carriage if necessary.

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